Based in Santa Cruz, CA, O'Neill is made for boarders. O'Neill has what you need to stay warm while you shred, whether surf or snow. Established in 1952 by Jack O'Neill as a surf shop in San Francisco, O'Neill swiftly became a pioneer in wetsuit designs and surf accessories, drawing inspiration from WWII technologies and experimentation with neoprene fabric. While O'Neill began its journey in San Francisco, the company relocated to Santa Cruz in the early 1960s, solidifying its connection to the vibrant surf culture of the West Coast. By 1976, they had expanded their innovations, launching a new line of neoprene snow pants. Recent innovative patents, including rib and knee padding and zipperless entry in their wetsuits, have supported their entrenchment as a dominating force in the surfwear industry. Additionally, ergonomic seam technology and superior ventilation in snow apparel and wetsuits reinforce why O'Neill is at the top. 

Besides superior material technologies, the O'Neill surf and snow team can be found at any prominent competition or tournament, consistently demonstrating their dedication to the sports and communities.

Author: MH