Ever heard of Alien Workshop? Some of the newer generation may have no idea what we’re talking about, but we know you old heads out there know. Alien Workshop was a skateboard company started back in 1990 by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender out of Dayton, OH. In 2014 Alien vanished, leaving it’s cult following and team riders at a loss. As we know now Alien is back, but in its absence a beautiful new company was born. Chad Bowers was the team manager for Alien at the time of its disappearance and turned this what seemed to be a tragedy and sought the opportunity to create Mother Collective. This company seemingly gave Alien new life, by putting on former Alien riders such as Jake Johnson, Tyler Bldesoe, and Gilbert Crockett, Mother started out with one hell of a foundation. This new board company essentially blew up, coming out with graphics unlike any other company. Creating collages from photographs, art works, typographies, colors, and anything else they could get their hands on, skaters fell in love with their wood. Unfortunately, all good things seem to always come to an end, but not always in a way you would think. Mother Collective was served with a cease and desist letter from non-industry related company who claimed they owned the right to the name Mother. Crazy right? Founder Chad Bowers did his best in trying to stay ahead of this legal battle while simultaneously running the company.  After immense lawyer and court fees, Bowers finally decided that he would rather put all of this money, time, and resources into paying his team riders and operating the company. They were going to have to let the name Mother Collective go free. Luckily Mother’s innovative and artistic graphics meant that there was also never a logo to lose. After discussion with his team, Quasi was born. Quasi is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as “having some resemblance usually by possession of certain attributes”. We’re not necessarily English scholars here and but it seems to say that Quasi Skateboards is a company that does just that, makes skateboards, through and through a rider owned and operated company whose roots were planted in skateboarding, and growth is fueled by no other than skateboarding. Other than having a sick name, Quasi is also known for how good its wood is. Typically putting out squared popsicle shapes with pop for literally days, I guarantee if you hop on a Quasi deck, you’ll be hooked.

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Author: Javier Wilfong