Kasher Eklipse Assorted (3 Pack )

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Kasher Eklipse Assorted (3 Pack) The Kasher Eklipse lighter tool is the perfect accessory for those among us who prefer to live sustainably. Waste fewer bobby pins and tooth picks (and time, searching for aforementioned items) with your favorite round Kasher. What’s more, the Clipper® lighter is refillable! Look at all of us, cutting down on consumption all over the place! This lighter attachment is sleek, yet bold. It perfectly complements any color of lighter that it adorns. We’ve increased the thickness on these babies to .8mm, and reinforced the stainless steel. What’s more, the tip now has an arc to better fit the lighter and add more strength. Tough and durable, it’s ready to tear up any job you’ve got.

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