Howl Supply is a brand new company for Boardparadise in the 2018-19 season. Here we strive to carry products that are as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they are functional. Howl has fit perfectly into that category. We are always proud to bring in new companies that are created by and made for riders. Professional snowboarder Darrell Mathes founded Howl with his friends to create mitts and gloves that are functional and stylish for the everyday rider. What they came up with, was a line of gloves and beanies that can be used all season long for warmth and the steeziest methods. The line is pretty simple and straight forward. There are 3 categories that Howl uses: Lightweight, which is going to be for the slushy, sunny days. Midweight, which can be used in a wide range of warm to cold conditions and heavyweight, which is meant for the harshest of days at the resort to the backcountry. Across all three categories, superior materials have been utilized keeping riders from having to worry about any kind of weather getting in their way. When going through the line of gloves that we carry, a few of the products stood out and deserve to be highlighted. When I first saw the Howl mitts, the Sexton was a mitt I had to get on my hands. The color and and high quality stitching was definitely an eye turner. These were the pro model mitts for rider Joe Sexton, so I wasn’t surprised to see them in the Heavyweight category. They utilize PrimaLoft™ which is a material that had been initially produced for the military. PrimaLoft™ is and extremely lightweight, durable, compressible and water repellent material that is also very effective as insulation to lock in the heat your body produces. The glove is almost entirely made of Grade A goat leather and cow suede only adding to the durability and warmth of this amazing glove. And to boot, they include a package of Nikwax waterproof wax for leather to ensure that your hands stay dry on the hill. Another that caught my eye were the Fairbanks X Electric mitts. As a huge fan of Electric California, I was stoked when I set my eyes on these. A midweight glove that can be used in a variety conditions. Easily adjustable, comfortable, no hassle and quality right in the mid-weight range. The Trigger Mitts is another product that I was excited about. Howl decided to incorporate both a glove and mitt in this one(if that’s possible). The first three fingers remain together in a mitt shell when your index finger is separated for added dexterity and ease of movement. The Trigger mitt is also in the midweight range.I could go on about each of Howls products and each of them “howls” with quality. I hope that a rider somewhere found this useful and will choose to go with a set of mitts, glove or a beanie from Howl. You will not be dissapointed! Get out and ride.

David DeRosa ,Boardparadise (Author)