Sometimes it’s okay to get addicted, as long as it’s Heroin, Heroin Skateboards specifically. Coming out of England in 1998, Mark Foster founded Heroin Skateboards. A skateboarding company with some of the most creative and stand alone graphics that can be identified as a Heroin board immediately. Mark “Fos” Foster started this company with his artistic vision and creativity, which he even instituted in other major brands such as Altamont and Deathwish Skateboards. Fos was originally born in Rawtenstall, Lancashire and eventually made his way over to New Cross, London where Heroin would start in the late 90s. Though discouraged by his father at a young age with claims that he would never pay his bills drawing monsters and a trade job would be much more secure and promising. Luckily for us Fos followed his intuition and continued to develop his art and started hustling. Fos always says that his creativity in the art world has always coincided with his love for skateboarding, stating that those “creative process(es) are all related”. Foster was never a fan of formal art education because he felt they would try so hard to “pigeonhole” an individual to a specific discipline. Starting out by just making some homemade screen print shirts with various designs on them, Fos eventually matured into selling these shirts and then fully transitioning to design board graphics and other soft goods for different countries. After building up his rep, Heroin was born, and quickly grew into one of the most popular skateboarding companies in the U.K. and Japan, and now has major popularity here in the states.Foster claims that a lot of his inspiration for both skateboarding and art come from industry legends like Mark “Gonz” Gonzales, Neil Blender, and Ed Templeton. Heroin has now been around for 20 plus years and is still killing it. Heroin has put out six immaculate full length skate videos that if you haven’t seen, go check them out ( Magic Sticky Hand 2, Bath Salts, Video Nasty, Magic Sticky Hand, Live From Antarctica, and Everything’s Going To Be Alright). These full lengths feature the Heroin Team (Tom Day, Craig Questions Scott, Lee Yankou, Chopper, Chet Childress, Joe O’Donnell, Frank Shaw, Corey Leso, Stephen Malet, Aaron Wilson, Anaiah Lei, Nick Rodriguez, and the mysterious Deer Man Of Dark Woods) absolutely ripping all terrains. Heroin boards not only have some of the gnarliest graphics we’ve seen but they even put out an array of rad shapes and super sick soft goods. These boards have got awesome concave and loads of pop without getting too crazy. So kids, we wouldn’t usually say this, but come on through the shop and try Heroin, you’ll be hooked. Okay, that’s enough puns for now but forreal hop on through our shop Board Paradise in Greensboro, NC or scroll through our site and cop some new product from Heroin Skateboards ASAP. 


Author: Javier Wilfong