When choosing a skate shoe in today’s world of skating, we are faced with a dilemma. What shoe is going to be the best for all around comfort and skating? There are more choices than ever. There are a ton of shoes that may look the part, but the second you start skating them, they fall apart. The key to a good skate shoe is design and quality materials that can withstand the stress caused by hundreds of flicks on griptape and heavy impacts. Emerica's shoes stand out, as a company that has been pushing out quality products for a couple decades and doesn’t look like they are going to be stopping anytime soon. Emerica is owned by Sole Technology that also owns Etnies and Es’. When skate shoes come to mind it’s hard not to think of these three companies first. Some of the best and most influential skaters have worn one of these three companies shoes. Emerica began its life in skateboarding in 1996 after Etnies and Es’ had been established. Emerica became recognized as a raw, more simple and straight ahead skate shoe. In the early 2000s the Emerica Mansion in the hollywood hills became the base for some of the most influential skateboarders that the world has seen. It also was the hub for brainstorming the upcoming film “This Is Skateboarding,” one of the greatest skating films made to this date. A skateboarder that is synonymous with the name Emerica is Andrew Reynolds. Also known as, “The Boss.” Andrew became one of the standouts on the team and is recognized as one of the greatest of all time. His effect on the world of skateboarding has only been surpassed by few others.  Along with Reynolds and a handful of skaters, Emerica developed some of the most popular skate shoes over the next decade. Today, they haven’t strayed from their simplistic raw style using the most durable materials. The Reynolds 3 G6 showcases some of the best that Emerica has to offer. Hints of nostalgia with it’s original styling but jacked up with all of the newest technology so you can feel confident that your feet are comfortable and you won’t wear through them after a week of hard riding. Maintaining amazing boardfeel without being flimsy or weak shoes. The Reynolds Low Vulc, a smaller cousin of the G6 maintains durability and boardfeel in a sleek, low profile design. Suede upper and lowers gives it amazing flick and lasting strength. Another shoe that stands out in the Emerica line is the Figgy. One of the most popular shoes they have to offer with classic styling and materials brought together to make your next favorite shoe. We love Emerica at Board Paradise for what they have brought to the world of skateboarding. Not only do we love their shoes, but their sweatshirts and tshirts have a lot to offer for someone who loves to shred. A lot has changed in skating but Emerica has always remained a constant. Whether its putting out one of the best videos of the year or creating a new shoe that everyone wants to skate, They will remain in our shop as one of our best sellers for years to come. Get yourself a pair and skate them. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.