Anti Hero


Anti Hero Skateboards, a company with a literal cult following of old heads and the younger generations of skateboarders who are starting to appreciate the “roll in, or roll out” attitude of skating. Julien Stranger, Venice native, grew up in a definite hotspot of skateboarding. Anti Hero was started in 1994, and was originally supposed to be called “Rebel Yell Skateboards” referring to the song “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol. Todd Francis, the created of many of Anti Hero’s graphics, came up with the iconic Anti Hero Pigeon which represented the idea of how skaters are scavengers and how resilient many skateboarders are. Anti Hero’s iconic Eagle graphic, which was also created by Francis became so popular with skaters that it became the official logo associated with the Anti Hero name & brand. Anti Hero is under the umbrella of Deluxe San Francisco, and is sister companies of REAL and Krooked Skateboards. Anti Hero has sponsor amazing pro skaters over the years, including the late Jeff Grosso, Brian Anderson, Bob Burnquist, John Cardiel, Peter Hewitt & Frank Grwer, just to name a few. Today, Anti Hero is held in high regards as one of the most popular anti corporate board companies in the industry of skateboarding. 


Author: Courtney Pegram