Academy Snowboards - In today’s world of snowboarding, there are a lot of brands out there to choose from. The market is oversaturated with companies driven by suits. Companies that care less about the rider than lining their pockets selling mediocre products to the rest of us. That is not the case with Academy Snowboard Co. As the saying goes, “Good people, Great boards.” Since 2002, Academy has held true to their roots. Rider owned, rider driven.  Owners Chad Otterstrom and Jeff Baughn “JB” continue to bring the highest quality boards for every level and style of riding that consumers like us crave at a price that is a little hard to believe at times. Academy has partnered with Never Summer to have their boards built right here in the USA. If that isn’t enough, they have plenty of Transworld Good Wood awards to tout that will send any naysayer to a shop to get one for themselves. The line of boards from Academy is simple but covers a wide range of styles and levels of riding. Starting right at the Propaganda and the Propacamba. Park Rats and slashers rejoice the price and performance of these two beasts. Both, having recently won awards for their performance in the park, will never leave you with a boring day on the slopes to the streets. For those who demand something a little more aggressive, directional twin boards, move on to the Team or the Graduate. Both will hold their own hucking 3’s and pressing rails, but will excel when pushed off the beaten path. As someone who personally rides a Team 159, I can attest for the quality, strength and performance of these products when used in any kind of conditions. They keep it simple and that’s why so many riders are turning to Academy as a company for them. Simplistic graphics and artwork accompanied by unrivaled tech will push them under the feet of more riders for years to come. I can also attest to the personal experience and care that I received from the guys at Academy. I usually have a ton of tech and sizing questions about boards I am in the market for. When I contacted Academy, owner and rider Chad O. gave me all the answers as well as going above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and got exactly what I needed. In today’s world of humanless and transactional interactions between buyer and sellers, I felt that I was getting more than just a product. Academy Snowboard Co. is a family and I am truly excited to be carrying them at Board Paradise. It’s a product that virtually sells itself when customers get to see and feel the quality that the Never Summer factory puts into these boards. For those who haven’t had a chance to check out this amazing companies product I strongly recommend it. Looking to a bright future with the dudes at Academy. Either way, get out there and ride.

David DeRosa, Boardparadise (Author)