Grizzly Grip

It was an idea from Torey Pudwill, who was 12 years old in its conception. Like Shake Junt, Grizzly Griptape started as a grip tape brand for Pudwill & his friends. Pudwill first started creating skateboard wax, which was molded in the shape of a bear cut out that his father made in a workshop. The Pudwills started creating the grip tape in-house. Pudwill states, “We originally were packing the grip in-house and were selling it to local skate shops around town. Torey says that during his years sponsored by Shorty’s skateboards, he would receive boxes of Black Magic grip tape from them, stamp out the bear cutout at home, and then repackage & sell it to local skate shops. One day, Torey approached Nicholas Diamond, Founder of Diamond Supply/Clothing, and pitched the idea of collaborating on a grip tape company. Diamond was interested, and Grizzly Griptape became a part of the Diamond Supply brand. Like Mob & Shake Junt, Grizzly sponsors several of the world’s most-known skateboarders. A few of Grizzly’s sponsored riders are Jack Curtin, Chris Joslin, Boo Johnson & Kelly Hart. Grizzly has collaborated with other brands, including Diamond Supply Clothing and the eyeglass company “Glassy” Eyewear. The company has its series of eyeglasses & sunglasses frames, from starting in a garage to branching into mainstream living. Grizzly is a name known among people regardless of whether they skate. 

Author: Courtney Pegram