Three years ago in New York Chris Milic and Jesse Alba founded Frog Skateboards. Recognize the name, Alba? Yeah that’s right, as in Steve and Micke Alba. Two late 80s early 90s skateboard legends, and turns out Jesse is Steve Alba’s son. Chris Milic started out as a rollerblader if you believe that, eventually, he made his way to the board and loved skateboarding ever since. Chris developed an affinity for skating shaped boards, not the traditional popsicle shapes street skaters began to love. He would ride boards from brands like Krooked Skateboards and even Girl Skateboards at the time. Then a close friend of him introduced him to Welcome Skateboards, and if you know anything about Welcome Skateboards, it’s that they make some crazy shaped decks. Turns out Chris tried to order a Welcome board online and then was hit up by Jason Celaya decided to just start sending him decks and then Chris ended up riding for Welcome a year later. His future business partner Jesse Alba also rode for Welcome, eventually through some later drama with Welcome the two left to start Frog. Chris Milac was in a stint of drawing little simple one try frog’s when they decided to name the company, from there Chris drew the logo, first try, and stuck with it. Starting out with a small local run of shirts and from there it gradually grew. These guys love skateboarding and are in the business to introduce something new, not necessarily start a large corporation and selling out. In an interview with Solo SkateMag Chris Milac speaks on the subject saying that “I think sometimes when something gets too big, it loses its special quality.” You may notice when you check out Frog Skateboards’ soft and hard goods that the graphic design behind their products have a very simple childish like element to them. No line is perfect, no color is perfect, but in the end it all comes together and as a unit the piece just works, it looks good. Inspired by old pixelated video games like Super Mario, and outdated PC graphics, the artwork is one of a kind. Frog is really cool in that they love for their team riders to be represented as who they truly are, even allowing most of the guys to do their own artwork on their pro models and collaborating on t-shirts, hoodies, beanies, hats, and other soft goods. The Frog Skateboards team includes Jesse Alba, Chris Milic, Brighton Zeuner, Kyota Umeki, Krazy Frankie, Luis Ouida, Nick Michel, Hayden Burns, and Pat Gallaher. This company started out as a joke amongst friends and now has grown to a company that collaborates with major brands like Nike SB and Noah. All while putting out awesome video parts like “Bossa Nova”.  We’re excited to finally bring Frog into our shop, and personally cannot wait to see what they do next. With shirts, sweatshirts, decks, beanies, and hats, why don't you dop on through our shop Board Paradise in Greensboro, NC or scroll through our site and cop some new product from Frog Skateboards ASAP.

Author: Courtney Pegram