Founded in 1994 by Russ Pope and Jason Adams out of Santa Cruz, CA under NHS distribution, Creature Skateboards started off with a small but respected team of the founders, Barker Barrett and Darren Naverrette it started out as a promising company. The wood came out of the NHS factory but still wanted to stay original and fresh, the skateboarding industry at this time was in decline and Creature brought something new with it’s creative and very different board graphics. Later on Russ Pope and Jason Adams would leave the company, and without these two names backing it NHS decided to stop producing boards. Luckily for all of us, some odd years later Darren Naverrette and Lee Charron revived Creature and began running the company the way they always wanted to. From there creature has sprouted into what into the staple it is today, many of you may be familiar with some of the best skateboarding videos put out such as Born Dead (2006), Black Metal (2007), and Hesh Law (2009). Besides some of the coolest graphics out, Creature also offers a range of different board sizes, shapes, and constructions. If you’re a guy that loves a nice fat board, Creature has you covered. If you love a good ole cruiser shape, Creature has you covered. If you need a board with some strength and long lasting pop behind it, Creature has you COVERED. Since Creature comes out of NHS they have access to the same board technologies that another shop favorite, Santa Cruz Skateboards utilizes. Creature’s Cold Press Construction implements 7 plys of North American Maple veneer that are individually pressed without any heat, we mean duh it’s a “cold” press. They then use glue instead of an epoxy resin used in many other decks, this is one of the reasons why riding a Creature always puts out the same consistent board feel and hence they’ve amassed their cult following of skaters that won’t touch anything else. Creature knows that there are some bigger set skaters, some skaters that have an affinity for high impact, and those skaters that don’t like switching it up and want their board to last them forever. For that Creature has put out their VX deck technology. VX boards are made with only 5 hard rock North American Maple plys and reinforced with two layers of their Quad X Technology material on both sides. These decks are extremely light, strong as heck, and pop that never wears alway. In recent years Creature has still keep its relevance beyond it’s skateboard technology through winning second place in Thrasher’s 2017 King of the Road and having a thoroughly stacked team of pros and hungry ams on payroll. Let’s not forget the soft goods offered by Creature, with the same amazing artwork featured on their boards.From Mob Grip collaborations to T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, trucker hats, belts, socks, board rails, you name it, if there’s Creature written across it then you can bet it’s some of the sickest merch out. I especially love the classic back print soft goods they put out, it’s just a good brand and we’re excited to bring more from them in the shop. Come through our shop Board Paradise in Greensboro, NC or scroll through our site and cop some new product from Creature Skateboards ASAP.

Author: Javier Wilfong