Finally, it’s the Weekend! No but seriously, let's talk about a fairly young company WKND Skateboards straight outta Los Angeles California. Owner, Grant Yansura, and some homies (Raymond Molinar, Johan Stuckey, Christian Maalouf, Nolan Benfield, and Alex Schmidt) were on a skate mission to a non-disclosed skate spot when in the midst of trash talking their current board sponsors and previously owned companies, decided to take things into their own hands and thus WKND was born. Though all of these dudes are pretty tight and open about running this brand together, Grant Yansura has sort of taken on all roles (owner, videographer, CEO, and team manager). WKND is a perfect example of how skateboarding is meant to be fun. Yes today’s skating has gotten so serious and the competitiveness of it all can almost be off putting for the sport. Luckily with wacky video parts filled with hilarious antics, skits, and whatever else these guys feel like throwing in. WKND has been a refresher that skateboarding desperately needed. Yansura and friends devised the name “WKND” from their own roots of small skate edits known as “weekendtages” they would create with essentially the same energy the company carries with it today. The rest just pieces itself together, they decided to shorten from Weekend to WKND to further differentiate from their “weekendtages” that fans have come to love and expect a certain wacky theme from. The new name WKND would be sure to link them but allow for serious skate projects to also be produced. It’s safe to say that this in no other than a skater owned brand, and many of the hands putting in work on this still have other jobs in order to pay their bills, it’s all for the love of skating and following the dream to progress and innovate the sport. Grant Yansura is a filmer for Nike SB and often has to fill in his down time between Nike Projects to film for and work on WKND stuff. We’re so stoked to see this kinda hustle and even more so on the product and content being put out! Even BIG names like Eric Koston decided to jump in on the fun where he was given a guest board and put on the WKND Team for the weekend, haha. A little confusing but let’s say Koston was put on the team Friday and “kicked off” on Monday, never officially riding for them but definitely goes to show the love and positivity this company is already attracting. The official rippers of the WKND Skateboards Team are as follows: Alex Sablone, John Stuckey, Jordan Taylor, Christian Maalouf, Karsten Kleppan, Raymond Molinar, Trevor Thompson, Taylor Caruso, Alex Schmidt, Andrew Considine, Caleb McNeely, and of course Grant Yansura. We recently just stocked up on not only some new wood from WKND but Wax, Stickers, Beanies, and even some Sweatshirts.  They’re already leaving empty spaces in our board wall and racks, get them while they're hot! Roll through our shop Boardparadise in Greensboro, NC or scroll through our site and cop a new WKND ASAP.

Author: Javier Wilfong