You know about Krux, you know about Independent, and you know about Thunder Trucks. So let’s talk Ace Trucks. Joey Tershay found Ace trucks way back in 2007 with the help of Steve Ruge out of Los Angeles, California. Their design referenced the Independent Stage III Truck, which became incredibly popular as we all know Independent knows what they’re doing. Ace Trucks is in the same boat though, featuring a minimalistic silhouette that just has eye catch factor we just cannot get over. It’s an attractive truck, but aesthetics is not all these trucks have to offer. These trucks feature a cylindrical hanger nearly end to end, but tapering slightly at the axle to cut back on friction and stress on the bearings and wheels. The kingpin is designed to sit much lower than the hanger itself to prevent those soul snatching hang ups. We all hate that feeling of grinding what feels like the perfect smith grind, just to be snagged and ripped right from under us by that horrid kingpin that some other truck companies just don’t understand. Ace trucks also come with a stock 86A bottom bushing paired with a 91A top bushing which they feel is the perfect combination for carving and turning. Now from working in a skate shop Ace forced our hand into doing some research, not all bad, after you get the hang of it you’ll never miss a beat. If you’ve ever laid your eyes on a fresh pair of Ace trucks, along with the beautifully simple design you’ll notice a stamped “33”, “44”, “55”, “66” or a few other sizes they offer. We’re so used to grabbing a set of Independent 149 to pair with an 8.5” deck that when we first saw this in our shop we got a little puzzled. But Ace has a great size chart on their site to help you out, for example a set of Ace 44’s equate to a 5.75” hanger and in total a 8.35” axle, so you can throw this on any board from a 8.125” to 8.5” comfortably. And for those hesh dudes out there riding those grown man setups a se of Ace 66’s would mean a 6.75” hanger with an axle coming in at 9.35”. So they make sure not to leave anyone out from getting a sweet set of these trucks. We wouldn’t say these trucks are the best for the weight weenies out there, they pretty much equate to standard set of Independent standard trucks. If you’re interested in hollows or titaniums, check out our options from Thunder and Independent. But these are trucks built to last and built to grind. We won’t hesitate to throw these on the next complete getting put together in our shop and I cannot wait to throw a new set on myself. Hop on through our shop Board Paradise in Greensboro, NC or scroll through our site and cop some new Ace Trucks ASAP.

Author: Javier Wilfong