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In 1998, we embarked on our Dream of being a Rider Owned - Rider Driven Board Shop.  We have had multiple locations in Greensboro NC over the last 23 years that we have been in business.  Our current location is on East Wendover in Greensboro.  We pride ourselves in offering a great selection of products and as much knowledge as possible about the products we sell to our customers.  
Our Mission is to continue to support the community of Greensboro in Charity, Employment and by offering Great Functional Products.
We evolve and change everyday - from New Products to New Processes.  This is a demand by the customer to continue a drive for us and our passion for Action Sports.
As I have grown older I have realized that functionality in Activities is Key.  We have opened up our scope of products into the Outdoor Industry.  I am 41 years old, I have been skateboarding since I was 8, snowboarding since I was 18 and now I am a father of 2.  We really enjoy the outdoors. 
As we grow our business we will continue to grow our product mix, from Actions Sports - Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing and Wake Gear to Outdoor Functional Life items like Knives, Tools, Tents, Camping Gear and a wider selection of footwear.  
We want you to be comfortable and enjoy what you love doing. 
- Joshua D. Michael (Founder)
Boardparadise - Greensboro
1206 E Wendover Ave
Greensboro NC 27405
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