Ride KX Bindings 2020 Black

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Ride KX Bindings 2020 Black Asymmetrical Stitched Ankle Strap is made from multidensity 3D padding and formed EVA. The injected polycarbonate Spectrum™ Chassis is lightweight and features a stance correct heel cup. Slimeback™ Highback delivers a smooth ride while providing fluid support. NEW! Linkage Ratchets provide smooth entry and exit. The KX is designed for beginner to intermediate riders looking for a binding that will allow for freestyle progression. Flex: Soft SPECTRUM™ Chassis System Wedgie™ 2.5 Footbed Urethane Highback Stitched Ankle Strap ThinGrip™ Plus Toe Strap NEW! LinkageRatchet Compact Disc

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