Boardparadise - Good Times - The Finding

Boardparadise - Good Times - The Finding

January 1998 - My childhood buddy Rob was driving his 1987 Acura Integra (Faded Red) and I was riding shotgun.  We had just left GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College). That is where we went to College Part Time to start out or should I say - Sort it all out.  We would go to school in the AM and have ALL day to mess around and/or work.

Car Pooling out to GTCC was key back then, It was a ways out towards Jamestown NC. A bunch of us that grew up together all went to G-TECH and then later transferred our credits to a 4 year College individually.  Heading back into town it was a 2 lane road that just opened up into 4 lanes. - when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a sign that I thought said :  Snowboard Shop

I thought to myself - is my mind playing tricks on me?  We drove a few hundred yards toward the next stop light and I said bro turn around real quick - I think I just saw a sign for a Snowboard Shop. Rob starts laughing at me. He always laughed at me, and not because Im funny. He spun the car around and sure enough, there it was. A Black Sign with Red and Yellow Letters that said: Board Shop - Snowboard Rentals. We pulled into the parking lot and all we could see was that it was a Truck Accessories Shop that sold Truck Step Bars, Camper Shells and Dog Houses in the parking lot. There was a side door to the front of the building that said: Crossroad Sports We hopped out and went into the store - the store was probably 400 square feet total. Had a full Skateboard Rack - a Skate Case full of skateboard components (TrucksWheelsBearingsHardware and Bushings) and on the Side Wall it was lined with Snowboards, Boots, Bindings and 1 Rounder Rack in the middle of the shop with Ripzone and 686 Jackets and Pants. On the Top of the Rounder Rack was a pile of Gloves and Beanies.

The Snowboard wall was pretty good with the Mervin Brands, Lib Tech and GNU with some Lamar and LTD boards for more price point and FLOW Bindings and Boots. I thought that I just opened the door to Heaven and took my first Step in! 

I started to talk with the guy in the shop - He was just a young guy like us, a few years older than us. He found Snowboarding just like we did and he decided to open up a board shop. The SPIN on it was that he also got into Cell Phones and Pagers. Do you remember Pagers ? If you don't or have no idea what a Pager is - it was a small Device that someone could call your number from a land line or cell phone and send you a Numeric Message.  A Numeric Message like : a Phone Number - or 911 (which is what my mom ALWAYS Sent) 911 means STOP whatever you are doing and find a phone and call me immediately - or if you were a lady's man you could send or receive 143. 143 means I Love You - Isn't that great and hilarious all that the same time !?There were other numeric codes you could send like: 420 That's when all the homies wanted to meet up!You get the point - But what I am saying is this guy in this shop was partly genius. He had a Board Shop and a Cell Phone / Pager Store!  We started to chat and talk about riding and we exchanged numbers and I told him to hit me up next time he wanted to go ride and I would go with him. We left the shop that day.. MIND BLOWN! and STOKED! 

(the Image above is the Cash Register from the Original Shop in 1998)


I am writing to journal for myself and to create content for our website (via blog) I always wondered if I should use real life names or fictional names. I have been listening to an ebook and in that book the author changed the names due to government security and here we don't really have any governing bodies however I do feel like its only fair to change some names of people in my story's. All of what you read here will be True Story Based, its the way I think in my mind and they way I saw things happen. I'm not saying all of the things I write about should've happened or were good/ GREAT ideas. Its just happened, I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot about what NOT to do, and I just took those experiences and have tried to grow with that knowledge. I would love to take you along for my ride and experiences and I would also love hear your comments, questions or feedback. At any point if you were involved in business with me or I have written something that isn't correct or I forgot / left out important information please feel free to contact me so that I can correct it. I am also NOT very educated as far as what some would say is an education. I went to public school - dropped out of college with 60 credits to pursue my dreams and my spelling and grammar is NOT Great! Feel Free to help me along the way. I am a sponge and I would like to be able to at least write english correctly.

Dec 14th 2018 Joshua Michael

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