Boardparadise - Blog 1 - Intro

Boardparadise - Blog 1 - Intro

Im sitting in the Lodge at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock NC.  We just finished riding a full on Powder Day where we received 20-inches of Fresh Powder.  The most recorded here in Blowing Rock since 1996. We actually ran to this storm.  I knew it was going to snow and I wanted to be snowed in.  My wife is 100% supportive in ALL of my outdoor activity efforts and is 100% ON BOARD with all Trips - Getaways - Family Excursions and Being Outdoors.  This is the most important piece of the puzzle if you are an adventure seeker and you love a woman.  To have 100% support from your partner is a huge play in the role of being a Husband, a Father and a Leader.  I will touch on this many more times throughout my writings.  Kate my wife, was set up on a Brand New Snowboard on this Trip - a RIDE Warpig - this is a Short / Wide - Mountain Slasher, a large Flat Square Nose and a Flat Square Tail.  Its not a traditional looking snowboard - but at the same time, its very fun to ride.  I was riding 2 Snowboards today, a JONES StormChaser and a Lib Technologies Travis Rice Pro.  The StormChaser is a Short Swallow Tail Plank with Large Pointy Nose.  While looking at this board I wasn't a huge fan of the swallow tail because I ride switch a lot (meaning that I Ride the opposite direction).  I do this for several reasons but today I was also riding with my 7 year old son and he is Goofy Footed (meaning right foot forward) so in order for me to push him or pull him for speed I have to ride switch so Im facing him, and I actually rode this Swallow Tail switch several times today.  I felt like Maverick from TopGun - flying the Jet upside down at 6meters keeping up foreign relations with the Enemy Mig.  I know that isn't even close to the same scenario, but I'm just saying that's how I felt.  It was a fund day.  The Lodge has great WiFI and here we are.

I have always wanted to write a book to tell story's of my life and story's over the years of our business.  Many say that we should've had a reality TV show.  We were actually presented a Pilot once back in 2006, I turned down the opportunity.  I want to Write - I want to Dream and I want to sell people products either give them an experience or better their experience.  That is the objective and my goal in life.  I wanted to figure out a way to make a living doing what I love and attempting to give people something that they might eventually love as well.  


I am writing to journal for myself and to create content for our website (via blog). I always contemplated if I should use real life names or made up names.  I have been listening to an ebook and in that book the author changed the names due to government security. Here we don't really have any governing bodies however I do feel like its only fair to change some names of people in my storys.  All of what you read here will be True Story Based, its the way I think in my mind and the way I saw things happen.  I'm not saying all of the things I write about should've happened or were good/ GREAT ideas.  Its just what happened and we have learned positives and negatives along the way.  I have learned a lot about what NOT to do, and I just took those experiences and have tried to grow with that knowledge.  I would love to take you along for my ride and experiences and I would also love hear your comments, questions or feedback.  At any point if you were involved in business with me or I have written something that isn't correct or I forgot / left out important information please feel free to contact me so that I can correct it.  I am also NOT very educated as far as what some would say is an education.  I went to public school - dropped out of college with 60 credits to pursue my dreams and my spelling and grammar is NOT Great!  Feel Free to help me along the way.  I am a sponge and I would like to be able to at least write english correctly.


Dec 10th 2018 Joshua Michael

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